Between The Flares

Programme Notes

“Between The Flares" is a solo piano piece that takes the listener on a thrilling journey through the skies inspired by the film “Top Gun: Maverick". The piece begins with the sound of an engine starting, and then takes off into the sky, soaring over the Pacific Ocean with a strong sense of groove and pulse throughout. The music then descends into a dizzying flat-spin and spiral dive before gradually returning to cruising altitude.

As tension builds, the music shifts into a slower, more fearful passage that reflects the inner turmoil of the pilot. The sense of fear eventually subsides, and the music returns to dog-fighting mode as the enemy approaches. The final battle between the planes is a thrilling and intense musical journey. The music builds with fierce climbs and dives, the sound of engines roaring as the planes manoeuvre through the skies. The two planes seem to dance around each other in a frenzied and chaotic way, their movements resembling a distorted waltz. As the battle intensifies, the music becomes more urgent, with the pianist’s fingers racing up and down the keys. The sense of impending danger is heightened as missile locks are announced, and the music reaches its climax. The energy and excitement of the piece reach a fever pitch, leaving the listener captivated and on the brink of anticipation. 

Year of Composition:

5 minutes 30 seconds


7 March 2023 (Tue)
Carole Nash Recital Hall, RNCM

Nalni Chen